Panoramic Dental X-Ray

Panoramic dental X-ray is a x-ray film provides jaw, all teeth, many disturbances in jaw and teeth can be seen in a single film.

Panoramic dental X-ray include two types of regular small-sized dental film and panoramic dental film. Dental X-ray is a method to help diagnose the dentist problems associated with teeth or jaw.

For example, while only large caries may be diagnosed with oral examination, initial caries can be detected by x-ray. Or from which teeth dental abscess in the mouth result from, structural abnormalities in the tooth, root fractures, cysts or tumors can be detected by x-ray. It is possible to simply observe the presence of permanent tooth germ under the milk teeth and their locations, 20 age teeth control, the overall situation of tooth roots and their relationship with supporting bone, intermediate facial caries overlooked during examination, bone measurements of the edentulous area where implants are considered, relations of the anatomical structures with this region through panoramic x-ray films.

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